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1.5 TR split AC GSAC18-FN

We have a wide range of GENERALTEC split AC’s from Dubai, to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all the Emirates.

5 Years GENERALTEC Dubai Warranty. Proven quality for peace of mind in UAE harsh hot weather.

We supply & install. Our experienced technicians can do that professionally in minimum time.

Please go ahead order online below, or ask for a quote (with/without installation):

1 TR split AC GSAC12-FN- Coolers UAE
AED 1,171 Exc. VAT
1.5 ton split AC GSAC18-3N
AED 1,640 Exc. VAT
1.5 TR split AC GSAC18-FN
AED 1,479 Exc. VAT
2 Ton split AC GSAC24-3N
AED 2,095 Exc. VAT
2 TR split AC GSAC24-FN
AED 1,920 Exc. VAT
2.5 ton split AC GSAC30-3N
AED 2,620 Exc. VAT
2.5 TR split AC GSAC30-FN
AED 2,550 Exc. VAT