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Sonniger GUARD standard/ industrial air curtains @Dubai

SONNIGER GUARD standard/ industrial air curtains,

The #1 in Europe, now in Dubai.

Air curtains are a necessity in Dubai & the Emirates; Saving energy by keeping A/C cooled zone isolated and preventing dust or insects from entering the facility. Beside the unbeatable quality of this air curtains range, It offers many advantages.
Long operation life & lower maintenance costs.
Modular design (to achieve any needed length).
Horizontal or Vertical mounting.
Lower noise technology.

Standard air curtains

Sonniger standard air curtains

Model 100c 150c 200c
Unit length (m) 1 1.5 2
Max air output (m3/h) 2100 3700 5000
Max air throw (m) 4 4 4
Power supply 230v/50Hz 230v/50Hz 230v/50Hz
Ampere 1.95 2.6 2.6
Motor power (w) 220 320 320
Weight (kg) 15 18.5 25
Noise level (dB(a)) 60 61 62
IP protection class IP21 IP22 IP23

Industrial air curtains

Sonniger industrial air curtains

Model 150C pro 200C pro
Unit length (m) 1.5 2
Max air output (m3/h) 6800 9200
Max air throw (m) 7.5 7.5
Power supply 230/50Hz 230/50Hz
Ampere 2.4 3.6
Motor power (w) 500 750
Weight (kg) 37 51
IP protection class IP54 IP54
Horizontal /vertical assembly