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Nowadays, more and more companies, as well as residential users in Dubai & UAE, are trying to cut expenses as much as possible. One of the best methods you can use in this regard is to opt for rental services that still give you access to features you need once in a while. That’s where our cooling rental service comes into play. 

Outdoor air coolers rental


Outdoor air cooler rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi -coolers.aecheck rates

Outdoor, Portable A/C rental


Portable A/C rental in Dubai,Abu Dhabi-coolers.aecheck rates

Outdoor fans/ misting rentals


Temporary event misting rental in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

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Outdoor patio heaters rental

Mushroom patio heater (left), and Pyramid outdoor heater (right) -offered for rental within UAE

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Rental service available in UAE only (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK)

Contact us to book and get help with model /solution selection for your cooling needs

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Any time service allows you to rent a portable air conditioning unit or air cooler for as much time as you want. Or as little as you want, depending on your needs. The best thing about our cooling rental is that this is a service that can help both companies and residential users alike. Not only that, but it enables you to get more control over how you spend your money as well. 

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You are also get help to choose the size and power of the desired portable air conditioners or outdoor cooler unit, or designing the suitable misting system. You can opt for a very large unit, or you can choose a smaller one that will fit your company fast and without issues. These are all things you can take into consideration, and the results are always outstanding because of that reason alone.  

Quality guaranteed

Plus, you can also get high quality, low noise units if you so desire as well. There are a multitude of products that you can acquire right now via our portable air conditioners rental service. All you need is to find the right one for you, and that’s it. We will be more than happy to bring you the attention to detail and value that you want from such a product. 

Evaporative outdoor AC’s (outdoor coolers) rental rates from Dubai:

Model Installation
Air flow (m3/h)
TEC-117 Free 6000 95 250 AED
TEC-111 Free 8000 130 320 AED
TEC-113 Free 12000 150 360 AED
TEC-112 Free 18000 170 430 AED
TEC-122 Free 23000 185 490 AED

* Subject to little variation depending on quantity/date, please contact us for special offers and discounts.


Outdoor, Portable AC’s (air conditioners) rental rates from Dubai:

Cooling capacity
Rated current (A)
1 ton Free 6 180 490
2.2 ton Free 13 370 1090
5.6 ton Free 32 /3ph 950 2400

(1) Subject to site condition & our approval at booking time

(2) Subject to little variation depending on quantity/date, please contact us for special offers and discounts.


Outdoor cooling fans /temporary misting rental rates from Dubai:

Size (inch)
Portable dry fan Free 26 80 130
Portable misting fan Free 26 100 190
Wall mist /fans package Free 26 or mist only from 1200 from 1600

(1) Lower special rates for extended rental periods.

Installing and using these rental units is simple. And since they are portable, you are free to use them as you see fit without any hassle or effort. All you need to do is to get in touch with our team, and we will gladly assist you as fast as possible. Contact us and tell us about your air cooling needs, then start saving money with our portable & temporary cooling rental service. 


Outdoor, Patio heaters’ rental rates from Dubai:

Heating capacity (k.w)
Mushroom gas heater Free 13 100 350
Pyramid heater Free 11 130 420

(1) Gas cylinder not included, could be arranged for extra fee.

(2) Subject to little variation depending on quantity/date, please contact us for special offers and discounts.

Ask us?


Is our portable air cooling rental expensive?

We created the portable air conditioners/outdoor cooler rental service with a focus on quality and affordability. We know that it can be very hard to find a high quality, reliable and portable service. This is why we are here to help because our portable air coolers' rental system is efficient and at the same time it doesn’t break the bank at all. We found the right way to help you get the ultimate return on investment, all without having to spend a lot as well.


What is an Outdoor AC?

In most cases it means the evaporative outdoor cooler. Which uses water with evaporative pads to achieve the cooling effect


Should I rent a 'Portable air conditioner' or 'Evaporative cooling machine' in Dubai?

The 'Evaporative air coolers' will not work effectively during extremely humid days. Sometimes the only option is to use portable air conditioners, and change event style from completely open outdoor to partially open.


Should I rent mushroom or pyramid patio heater?

Even-though the mushroom patio heater has little more heat output, The pyramid flame heater is preferred by some clients due to the attractive look of flame inside the quartz tube


What are the additional fees for patio heater rental service?

The LPG gas cylinder, which is the fuel of gas heaters. The cost per full cylinder in UAE is around 85AED, which we could arrange for you as well


So, if you want a great air conditioning system for those hot days, but you don’t want to handle the repair and maintenance costs, portable air conditioners rental is the right approach for you. All you have to do is to get in touch with us, and we will gladly help you with your inquiry! Try out our service and make the most out of this incredible offer!