Evaporative cooling efficiency in the Emirates

Choosing the right cooling solution might not be that clear task as we hope. And outdoor or open space cooling in UAE leave us with so few options. While traditional air conditioning absolutely give the cooler air vs evaporative outdoor air coolers, Their air flow mostly cannot be enough for any open space. If we leave out for now the spot air conditioners, This leave us with evaporative outdoor cooling options.

Dubai’s weather, and evaporative cooling:

While evaporative air cooler, high-pressure misting & misting fans mostly work great for outdoors. Let us say these just don’t work that great all the time in UAE. The efficiency differs by ambient conditions, with the extreme ambient relative humidity as enemy number #1.

Figure.1 below demonstrates expected supply air temperature (output of evaporative air cooler) according to common range of ambient temperatures and relative humidity’s in UAE

Direct evaporative air cooler expected supply air temperature vs common ambient conditions in Dubai

Figure.1 Direct evaporative air cooler expected supply air temperature vs common ambient conditions in Dubai

Calculations courtesy of wet-bulb.com. Optimal efficiency considered with average elevation of 25 meters across Dubai.

  • Green: acceptable outdoor comfort temperature from 20 to 28 Celsius degrees
  • Orange: out of comfortable temperature zone more than 28 Celsius degrees

We can say that this applies to other evaporative cooling methods, like high-pressure misting systems and mist fans.



What should be clear by now is that evaporative cooling methods would not work efficiently all around the year. Yet still they are the best options for outdoor cooling. So what about those extremely humid days in the year?

In the United Arab Emirates, We try to give our clients some workaround for these times of year. Like changing event plan from completely open to semi-open space, and use a combination of portable air conditioners. Or using spot air conditioning in workshops and factories.

Since each case is different, we offer free consultancy specially for Emirates outdoor cooling rentals.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any doubts. Also you could refer to below resources for more information about evaporative cooling: