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A patio heater is an excellent way to heat your patio during the cold winter months. The warm air that is blown from the heater helps to dry out the damp ground, but you do need to be mindful of the heat you are adding. It is important to consider the safety of all people in the patio area. Some people have even used their heater as a fireplace.

In order to get the best use out of the heater, you should carefully set it up and remember that this will be a place for your outdoor living space as well as your backyard grill. A good location is right under the willow tree. This will allow the heat to rise and not over run the yard. As soon as you set up the heater, check the flame before putting it out. If it has an improper flame, or flickers like a taper-stick, you will want to turn it off as soon as possible.

Many patio heaters have high burners and so will need some light. However, if you have a propane or natural gas heater, this will not be an issue. Simply light the flame with a match or lighter. Make sure you are in a place where there is ample free room to accommodate the flame. If you have outdoor speakers nearby, these can easily be placed to blow into the flame.

Be careful of the power cords connected to the patio heater. You don’t want to run the heater to make sure it is plugged in correctly. Most patio heaters have a power indicator which will tell you when the heater needs to be switched on. They are usually located on the bottom of the heater, which will make it very easy to move.

You will also want to inspect the amount of energy that the patio heater uses. It will probably be best to start with a smaller one and then slowly increase the wattage as you get more comfortable with using it. A larger heater can use more energy than a smaller one.

Once you have installed the patio heater, you will want to test it before leaving the house or even leaving the patio itself. This is another reason why it is important to keep the patio heater on for several minutes before taking it off. Make sure the flame is even and that the red light does not go out at any time.

There are many places that you can put the patio heater. The number one place is right under your favorite tree in the outdoor area and this is where it should be for warmth during the winter months.