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Linear Bar Grille
Linear Bar Grille

Linear Bar Grille


0o linear bar grille fixed blade ceiling diffusers can be used as supply air and exhaust diffusers
tare capable of a high air volume. with a low resistance
they are ideal for use in ceiling mounted fan coil units, as well as for the side wall and floors.
they are made of aluminium and can be made up to the lengh of 3 meters
Materials: Aluminium
Blade: 0o fixed blade
Color: Standard – RAL 9010, RAL 9016


Product Description

Linear Bar Grille

Items Face size B-B (mm) Neck size A-A (mm) Thickness H (mm)
LBG800*100 844*144 795*95 43
LBG800*150 844*194 795*145 43
LBG800*200 844*244 795*145 43
LBG1000*100 1044*144 995*195 43
LBG1000*150 1044*194 9955*170 43
LBG1000*200 1044*244 995*95 43