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CL48PM Evaporative Air Cooler
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CL601PM Evaporative Air Cooler

CL601PM Evaporative Air Cooler

COOLS UP TO 80 sq.m*

The CL601PM is the most powerful evaporative air cooler in the range, with a large 55 Litre water tank. It is built with 3 large honeycomb cooling media to allow air to be drawn in from three sides for optimum cooling. Equipped with a powerful motor and wide fan blades, it delivers excellent performance. The continuous water supply system and a built-in water overflow protection system allows for long periods of unattended operation making it ideal for more demanding applications.


  • Powerful, Versatile, Economical Designed for performance with powerful air flow & cooling efficiency.
  • Honeycomb Cooling Media Located on three sides for optimum cooling performance.
  • Continuous Water Supply Maintain a continuous water supply without having to manually refill the unit.


  • Powerful air flow: 2610m3/hr (1650 CFM)
  • Large 55 Litre water tank means unit runs for longer duration before refill
  • 3 speeds – Low/ Medium/ High
  • Air throw at body level
  • Easy mobility
  • Size specification: 700(L) x 466(W) x 1017(H)mm
  • Works on inverter
  • Power consumption: 200 watts
  • 40 cm (16 inch) Fan blades
  • Easy to operate and reliable mechanical control panel
  • Oscillating louvers evenly distribute cool air
  • Net Weight: 18.5 kg
  • Gross Weight: 21.2 kg

Ideal for:
Living Room/ Showroom/ Garden/ Patio/ Café Bar/ Restaurant/ Shop/ Shopping Mall/ Airport Lounge/ Subway Waiting Area/ Hotel Lobby/ Party Hall/ Hospital Waiting Area/ Gymnasiums/ Army Camp Club/ Farm House/ Warehouse/ Factory

Product Description

CL601PM Evaporative Air Cooler